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Electronic Library that provides news and Information about Malaysia at a single consolidated place.

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All about BLIS category.

              BERNAMA Library and Infolink Service (BLIS) is an information-rich and convenient research portal that provides access to news and significant information on Malaysia. From acronyms and achievements to sports records and speeches; from market and industrial trends to news reports and government policies, BLIS will provide answers to your urgent research needs.


BLIS Database includes :

News from BERNAMA’s newswires under broad headings like Domestic News, Economic News, General News, International News, Special Features in English and Bahasa Melayu. Each of these sub-module contains the information from the year 1968 onwards.



News content and press releases in English and Bahasa Malaysia archived and made available 24 hours after they had been released through  BERNAMA.


This module contains several decades of newspaper clippings in TEXT format from various newspapers and magazines such as The New Straits Times, Utusan Malaysia, The Edge, The Sun, Harian Metro and others major newspapers.

This is trial module – Mandarin News


A vast repository of news from news agencies around the world such as news from the Non – Align Movement News Agency (NNN) and The Organization of Asia Pacific News Agency


Publications and reports from the Department of Statistics, the Malaysian Institute of Economic Research, Malaysian Economic Planning Unit and Malaysia Productivity Corporation are laid out in an easy to read format. BLIS contains details of these publications for several years.


A rich collection of analytical reports on key industries that make up Malaysia’s fast developing economy.

Industry report in Malaysia that for High Technology (MIGHT), National Property Information Centre (NAPIC), (MIDA) and also Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII)


Who's Who is a compilation of the profiles of important political and corporate persons in Malaysia. It contains details on a person's background including date and place of birth, race, religion, house address, telephone numbers, number of children and their names. The person's educational background as well as their career is listed in detail, the awards they have received and also membership and patronage to clubs, societies and associations.


This is a compilation of full text of speeches delivered by the Sultan, PM, Ministers and important political figures in Malaysia spanning over several decades and is in both English and Bahasa Melayu.


This module contains details about Malaysia, its tax laws to people’s right down to public holidays in Malaysia in both English and Bahasa Melayu as well as State Profiles and Commodity Reports.


A compilation of information from various sources including the local newspapers and magazines. Information available includes current and archival information on various topics of special interest in Malaysia such as key personnel in the government and political arena, defence, education, election, judiciary, sports and others.



This module contains the financial and company directory in Malaysia and covers financial institutions like banks, brokers, insurance companies, discount houses, and exchanges.


It provides details of events like venue, time, organizer and contact numbers for the diary listings of Educational Events, Sports, Corporate Diary, Seminar Diary, Conferences and Exhibition Diary and others.



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